ARISE is in-charge of implementing SOSE’s Industry 4.0 (IR 4.0) Research Fund which offers various forms of support to the SOSE faculty and research personnel. The SOSE Industry 4.0 Research Fund is designed to provide maximum flexibility in implementing scientific activities and to enhance the School of Science and Engineering’s capacity to support the research of SOSE faculty in view of generating SCOPUS-indexed publications.

The fund aims to subsidize various programs which are as follows:

  1. Publication Incentives. These are financial incentives given to faculty and their department/s for publishing in indexed-journals.
  2. Faculty Research Projects. Any regular SOSE faculty member may apply for funding to conduct research with a high publication potential. Interdisciplinary projects (either aligned with the SOSE priority agenda or the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, UN-SDGs), will be prioritized in the case of funds becoming limited. The main expected output from projects will be SCOPUS-indexed publications, in the form of journal articles and conference proceedings. It is preferable, although not required, that the project outputs also have commercial potential in order to contribute to the long-term sustainability of ARISE.
  3. Conference Allowance. This is a financial subsidy to SOSE faculty members presenting a paper in a conference with SCOPUS-indexed proceedings.
  4. SOSE Research Scientist/Fellows Position. The position is open to the following: (a) An individual from an external institution with a proven track record in research and publication. He/She must have a funded project for implementation in the Ateneo. The Research Fellow is expected to involve SOSE faculty and/or grad students in the project in support of their thesis requirements. Moreover, the Research Fellow must abide by the rules and policies of the university. No employee-employer relationship will be applied in this particular case. (b) Regular SOSE faculty members possessing a successful publication track record who are actively engaged in research are also qualified for this position.

The institute may, in the future, offer training programs, consulting services, and certification courses that may be credited towards an academic degree offered by the existing SOSE departments.

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