Developing Nickel – Cyclodextrin and MOF Assemblies for Catalysis

Gilbert U Yu, DEng
Department of Chemistry

This work details scientific investigations of both undergraduate and graduate students on cyclodextrin-containing materials. Cyclodextrins are fused sugar-based molecules housed on a toroidal structure that can house several molecules. This barrel-like feature of this molecule makes it an interesting candidate as host to several pharmaceutical drugs, catalytic materials, and chemically active compounds as guests.

Recently, two students have successfully incorporated biological-active compounds into cyclodextrin-containing materials. Ms. Yomki Perez was able to successfully incorporate busulfan, an anti-leukimia drug, in well-organized cyclodextrin metal organic frameworks with potassium ions as linkers while Mr. Paul Coloyan was able to produce 5-fluorouracil containing cyclodextrin oligomeric networks that can regulate the controlled release of the anti- (colon) cancer drug in vitro.

Additionally, research work on cyclodextrin-containing materials as catalytic systems and self-healing materials are also underway.

Published paper

Feasibility of Cyclodextrin-Potassium Ion Assemblies Synthesis and Its Application in Loading Bio-active Molecules. (Y. Perez and G Yu, Philippine Journal of Science, June 2020

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