Cloud, Aerosol, Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment Interactions of Monsoon Precipitation, and Aerosol Composition & Transport in the Philippines (CAMP2Ex IMPACT-PH)

James Bernard B. Simpas, PhD
Department of Physics

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have partnered with Ateneo SOSE/ Manila Observatory scientists for CAMP2Ex, an airborne campaign which aims to study the role of aerosols in weather and climate in the Philippines during the summer monsoon season. Through extensive measuring and modeling activities, IMPACT-PH will be the Philippine counterpart project which aims to:

  1. To study aerosol transport patterns in the country, both from transboundary and local pollution
  2. To investigate the potential influence of a) urban pollution on clouds, temperature, and precipitation, and b) meteorology on the spatial distribution of aerosols

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